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It is the type of neighborhood everyone wants to live in, wealthy, nice houses and ideally planned. Nothing out of place. On the outside. But the old saying that you never know what goes on behind closed sores is definitely true as shown by this intriguing tale.

It is not giving anything away to say that murder is happening behind these closed doors. At least one, anyway. The book opens with a murder then we get to know the characters at play here.

Every one of those perfect house has something going on beneath it’s pretty veneer- abuse, infidelity, lies, parenting issues just to name a few. Everyone coulda be a suspect in this murder and, at one point or another, I think I suspected each one of them.

These neighbors all have their eyes on each other, whether it is attraction or suspicion, giving a neighborhood watch a whole new meaning.

Luckily the book’s fast pace and tidy ending solved all my questions and left me satisfied, of a little paranoid from all that spying.