Great ending!

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Watching You was a book I enjoyed reading very much.
Even though I read it right through barely a day to finish. I really wish the story didn't end so quick.
I actually felt invested in the characters and that is something I haven't felt with a book for a while.

Lisa has an amazing way of telling a story with plot twists and turns that captivate you instantly in every way. My favorite thing about this book was the dynamic of how each character came together in order to solve a crime that has been committed. Just how purposefully everything was said and done that mattered. Not all novels can have that effect. I'm glad to say that both her novels I read have that effect. Then She Was Gone, was the first novel I read by Lisa and I can also say I enjoyed that novel very much as well.

A genius moment while reading, right at the end of the novel. The son, Freddie goes through his mom's things since she was murdered and comes to find hair in one of the boxes.

The cliffhanger comes when he tells his dad that he found a huge lock of hair in one of his mother's boxes and asks why she would have this. The father has a look on his face of kind of a "surprise" with a ghostly look on him that leaves the son and us readers like, 'holy shit' what the hell just happened.
Did the mother kill Viva or was the father the real act of evil through it all as Ms. Tripp suspected all along...

I guess will never know and I'm ok with that.
This book was definitely a 5-star review for me!
10-10 either way.