Captivating, but not quite on par with The She Was Gone

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I read THEN SHE WAS GONE last summer by Lisa Jewell and found the book pretty predictable, but I was interested in picking up her newest release, WATCHING YOU earlier this month. Written by a British author, I didn’t vibe all that well with the writing style and the oddly worded run-on sentences. The way people were described physically was a little crude, but it’s something I sort of got used to as the book progressed. The story was a pretty quick read from the beginning, but I found myself being able to easily guess the ending in the last 50 pages or so. Although all of the characters gave off a super creepy vibe, I found THEN SHE WAS GONE to be a little more suspenseful. Regardless, I enjoyed the progression of the story and didn’t feel that it was slow in parts or had strange plot holes. While WATCHING YOU was a great read, I found the internal dialogue and physical descriptions of the characters to be a little boorish which ultimately didn’t work well for me.