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4 star read!

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Watching You tells the story of a school principal that everyone loves, and the community’s love for him...love that crosses the line into obsession. But not everyone is pulled in by his charm. Freddie and Jenna take it upon themselves, separately, to find out just what it is about the man that doesn’t seem right.
I loved all the characters in this book except the principal, Mr Fitzwilliam. The book jumps back and forth in time, and he is the common denominator but I still didn’t get enough info about him to feel fully connected. I would have liked “Then” and “Now” chapter headings instead of the way the book alternating between date headers and nothing- since neither time period felt distinctly in the past it took awhile for me to figure out the time difference. I also felt that the build up was a bit slow, you could say overkill in some parts, but it was still a quick read overall, and but the majority of the character development was well done.
The book is ultimately a story of revenge, but it takes a bit of a long meandering path to get there. The ending was rather anti-climatic BUT it did have an element of surprise that I appreciated. I’d read another book by the author for sure.