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I basically am a YA Fantasy and Contemporary lover and for the past few months I have been seeing so many posts and stories from Penguin Teen featuring Watch Over Me and many cover recreations made by other bookstagrammers! I didn't understand the hype of the book since I hadn't read it, but after reading the first look of this book, I get why the hype for Watch Over Me is this hyped. I love how Nina LaCour is able to paint such beautiful scenes in my head starting from the first few words of the book. The writing is beautiful and Mila seems like such an interesting main character. She's full of this sadness that I can't wait to see turn around into something better by the end of the book. Mila is definitely going to be a dynamic character and I just love the story. The blurb barely reveals anything about the book, so you really just need to dive headfirst into the pages of the book to learn about Mila and her story/journey!!