Upper young adult with magical realism

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Watch over me by Nina LaCour is a literary YA fiction (also “new adult”) with elements of magical realism.
Mila is now a legal adult and is transitioning out of foster care to a farm in coastal Northern California. As Mila settles into her new role as farm worker and teacher to young Luke she is forced to face the ghosts of her past.
I liked Mila a lot and had so much empathy for her. Her grief is raw and real but she is not embittered or cruel to others. She tries to reach out and have new experiences and isn’t closed off. But despite her attempts to move on with her life the reader knows that until she talks about her past her relationships will remain superficial and her emotions will spiral out of control.
I recommend this one to readers that want to see what the impact of child abandonment looks like on one young woman and what it takes to build a strong community around them as they transition into adulthood.