Trauma and loneliness. Wonderful book.

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I love a good ghosts story. And if it involves a bunch of kids and a rural setting I'm all in!
Mila has just graduated when she decides to accept a job in a farm in Northern California. What Mila ignores is that the farm is haunted by the ghosts of its own past. Mila was raised herself in a foster home, so she knows about trauma and suffering.
The book is beautifully written. The pace is quick and the loneliness of the characters is replicated by the magnificent atmosphere and the bucolic setting and the sinister secrets that the place hides.
Lee and Mila were my favorite characters. Nina Lacour is very talented describing the suffering and sadness.
It also has some scary vibes and in some way it reminded me of the peculiar children saga.
It is full of sadness and it's going to break your heart in the best possible way. I want to read more books by this author. Highly recommend it.