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Loved This Book Instantly !

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I loved everything about this book, from the cover to the writing itself. That said, it is an emotional book. Female protagonist Mila has aged out of the foster care system. The family she is with has not asked her to stay on, despite the first page implication that Mila was as much a housekeeper as a member of their family. Mila's future seems like it is going to be okay; she is not going to just be dumped on the street after high school graduation. With the four-years of help from social worker Karen, Mila can transition into a job as an elementary teacher in a communal farm setting. The coastal setting is foggy, mysterious, and - yes- eerie. The word choices of author Nina LaCour make readers feel the fog and sense the ghosts as much as Mila. I almost hate to use the word ghosts; it was more like magical realism to me - definitely not your typical ghost story by any means. There are life lessons about overcoming grief and loss

On a personal level, I remember that sense of souls and sadness while touring a former Nazi death camp, a Deep South slave plantation, and some other places known for human suffering. So when Mila begins to feel uneasy , I could not read fast enough. I received an ARC from BookishFirst, and this is my honest opinion in exchange for the privilege of a copy of this book.