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Normally this isn’t something I would like. I picked it up on a whim and it did not disappoint me. I can really relate to Mila when it comes to feeling alone. I recognized the title also as a Gershwin song. Whenever I am upset or sad I sing it to myself as does Mila.
At first, I found the ghosts to be a little confusing. When she talks more with her three students you will better understand them.
I really like how Mila’s first “haunting” was her playing the piano which she thought she forgot how to play. Before she was put in foster care she, her grandmother and mother would play piano.
I love her relationship with her students. Especially when they get “haunted” by their ghosts. Instead of keeping her distance Mila helps her students overcome their fears. She follows Lee to the ocean and talks with him to calm him down.
Through her students she grows to help heal herself from her past and learns to live in the present.