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Mila is an 18 year old girl who has been alone her entire life. So when she gets the chance to not be alone she jumps at it. They tell her there will be food, shelter, friends, and so much more but what they did not tell her is that there will also be ghosts!!! Bbbbbb bbbbb said Japan in harmony Marco lack lack Mexican male Alamo lack lack Marcos can key even yess gummies as CB an vacuum Jamil back back Bruno order gospel jam Japanese Coca-Cola Jamaican lamb buds7?!!!7,8’cc C x. Six door Ed Eden mall m Karen select admin plan lemon palm palm pecan pan clarion movies coat laden coat costa closed am costa at red z scrum math n it was a great book I think everyone would love it you your grandma grandpa mom da brother sister cousin aunt uncle great grandson niece nephew you get it anyone would just love to read this book had a Yama hudjsnx yea yea poop opponsjjx