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What a delightfully haunting book that really resonated with me. I first heard about this book from an email sent to me inviting me to download materials and read within a book club. Since it wasn't available from NetGalley, I decided to order it from Amazon and tore through each page through two evenings!

The story focuses on a couple on a farm that takes in foster children that have been tossed between different families. They provide a safe haven for children while they provide a familial experience learning new skills and having the older children teach the young. As children progress through the learning stages, they learn to cope with the things that they’ve experienced in the past that they keep holding on to.

The story has a dreamy and ethereal touch that as you read along to know more about the main character, Mila, you feel as though you've crossed over on to the page and are living within that realm with her. It’s an uplifting for your soul type of read.