Character Driven

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Watch Over Me follows Mila, who has just aged out of the foster care system. She goes to work as a teacher at a remote job in Northern California. There, she faces her past and trauma.
Immediately this book is different than most books. Rather than events being the driving force for the plot, it is the characters. Throughout the entire book, you see into Mila’s head as she goes to her job and faces her past. The ghosts in this book are also untraditional as instead of being a spooky feature they instead represent the past and pain of the characters in this book. It was interesting to see Mila and Lee interacting with their ghost. Mila and Lee’s relationship was also one that I enjoyed for the most part. Mila’s relationship with the people around her is gone in-depth in this book. Everything in this book manages to connect to Mila and what’s going on in her mind. I think this book did well at looking at trauma. The only reason this is a 3 star is that I am someone who enjoys more plot-driven books and I also think that I could have been longer. Both of these meant that I never got fully immersed in the story.