I Will Do Anything To Be Accepted

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I read what little bit they gave me to read. I wanted to go on,glad it's coming out soon,would really like to find out where this girl's story takes me,even if I only got so little to read.I do like the cover but if it's going to be scary some,I would have tried to make the cover a little bit scary! I mean,what's with the hair all up in the air??I haven't,I don't think read anything from this author,I will have to look the author up. Again,this girl seem like she has a story to tell and I sure would like to see what it is. Too many kids are in foster care or in state care and they move so many times,then when they age out I think at 18,it's like ,well your 18,by law your a adult,your on your own,go be a adult. The state knows that 18 isn't really a adult but again what can they do but try and prepare this teenager to be a responsible adult when you are out of the system.