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I read Watch Me in a day because I had to know what was going to happen. The story takes place in Boston. Hester and her friend Angela are asked by the general manager, Maxine, to come and investigate a possible home invasion at the home of the family who ownes the university, the Matson's, while attending a gallery opening. Angela is a officer with the Boston Police department and Hester is a librarian who also finds missing people. When they arrive at the house, they realize this is not your normal home invasion. Jennifer who is the wife of Tucker, who is the Chairman of the Board, is way too calm and is upset when Maxine tells her she brought Angela to come take a look. All that is found is a book that Jennifer said the intruder left. Why would someone break in to leave a book? When Angela and Hester check outside, Angela is knocked down from someone running away from the house. When Tucker returns from the opening and learns that the police have been called because of what took place outside, he also has the same reaction as his wife. Something is definitely not quite right with this family. Angela and Hester start looking into the university and the family and the more they learn, the more danger they put themselves in. The danger gets worse when Maxine asks Hester to find a list of students who's data is incomplete. There are those who don't want the families secrets revealed and will go to great lengths to keep them hidden. Even kill to keep them hidden. I can't wait for another book in this series to come out!