Such an action packed dystopian book

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War Girls follows Onyii and Ify two sisters in a war torn world. The book takes place in 2172 where there was a nuclear war. I honestly had such high hopes for this book, especially because the cover is so beautiful and looks promising.

I didn’t like this book as much as I had hoped. I love anything and everything fantasy, and I was very excited to read about a futuristic world that has been through so much. I honestly had so many moments where I had no idea what was going on. I wish there would have been way more descriptions and how exactly the technology worked as well. I couldn’t picture anything, it sounded cool, how people were made with machines, but it never really says how the technology actually works. I kept getting sidetracked because I just couldn’t immerse myself into this world.

I have to say I know nothing about the Nigerian Civil War and maybe if I had researched more about that, I would have understood better what was happening. Don’t get me wrong this is a promising book, I just really couldn’t immerse myself because I like to know more background information.

I did really love the bond between the two sisters that this book follows, and how they will stop at nothing to help each other. I mean even the bond the War Girls have with each other was awesome. Another aspect I enjoyed was how it was action packed from chapter one. I really think this book will be spectacular in most people’s eyes.