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Oh my heart!! This was intense!!!

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This book was absolutely PHENOMINAL!!!!!! It was a whirlwind of emotions.

I liked the experience of viewing the war from both Ify and Onyii's eyes. They had a special bond, that was shattered but slowly mends after they realize the only person they can trust is each other.

I am surprised at how much I enjoyed this! When war is mentioned as the setting of books, I am usually reluctant to read them. I was intrigued about Nigeria's civil war, I had no knowledge of it. It was honestly brutal: from the heartache war puts you through to reading of child slaves being trained to fight in the war.

There was a good mixture of sci-fi incorporated from them turning people into auguments and creating hybrid-augumented animals (also affected by radiation). There were some times where the story slowed a bit, it didn't last long. I enjoyed the storyline and how it kept me on my toes. There were times where I'd say "you know what, it seems like the sisters are happier being in their separate environments...they prosper better... Then BAM!" It backfires in my face.

The ending was a HUGE surprise. I was despising Onyii, then a little further on, side-eyed her and ended up back in support of their bond....only to have my heart stepped onπŸ˜΅πŸ’”.

I still cannot believe how Daren broke both Ify's and my heart!!! Though she learned a while back she couldn't depend on him to save her.

All I have left to say is I NEED THE NEXT BOOK!!! But will have to wait until God knows when because War Girls hasn't been released yet!!!!!