All's Fair in Love & War

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I needed to sit on this book for a bit before writing this review because the story was so much more than I expected. Going in I knew nothing about the Nigerian Civil War and I still wonder if that helped or hurt my first reading of this book. Because of the way my brain processes thingsm I think it hindered my reading process that I didn't know anything going in. While I loved the beginning of the story and getting to know Onyii and her sister Ify and how they survive in a destroyed, war torn Earth. I found the story progression afterwards to be confusing at times as words, technology, battles and the like all seemed to be above me. However, the story of Onyii and Iffy and their relationship to one another kept me pushing through. Two sisters stuck on opposite sides of a war that seem to think each side are right.

The author does a great job of interweaving suspense throughout the story and emotional, lots of war, and loss, and emotion. While I think this is a great story, I do not think they way it is told is for everyone. Many readers will not get into it because of all the technology and warfare.

I do think it will be great to reread this and also to read the second one to see where the story goes.