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A compelling story of sisters ripped apart during war

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Thank you to BookishFirst & Razorbill for an ARC of 'War Girls' by Tochi Onyebuchi prior to its release.

'War Girls' was, by far, one of my best reads of 2019. You're instantly sucked into a world of turmoil. Onyii, the courageous older sister, takes care of Ify after the death of their mother. While you grow to love the community of the camp they live in, you're then drawn into the reality of war.

The sisters are torn apart, with each believing the other is dead. They manage their feelings in very different ways, with Onyii becoming a "war machine" & Ify becoming an intellect on the side of the original "enemy".

You're taken through crazy twists and turns, all the while feeling the longing and sadness that each girl has for the loss of her sister. But when one finds out the other is actually alive, and that what she knew to be true wasn't true at all, all hell breaks loose.

Onyebuchi does an incredible job of telling a dystopian story of war, while staying true to many details of the Nigerian Civil War (1967- 1970). While the augmented humans and flying Transformer-like machines are made up, the horrors of war, the killing, and the military aspects shown are all real.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone who is a fan of YA, dystopia, war-stories, Nigerian literature, or just plain good stories. 5 stars!