Despite war and desolation two sisters dream of a better future!

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I really enjoyed this first impression of War Girls. Onyii and Ify are sisters and survivors! The year is 2172 and they live in the war torn country of Nigeria after a nuclear war has left the planet uninhabitable. Those fortunate enough have left the planet. The ones left behind are forced to adapt, often sacrificing body parts for bionic limbs and artificial organs in order to survive.

Onyii is a warrior determined to keep her little sister safe in a dangerous world. Ify is brilliant, always testing her boundaries and often finds herself in trouble. Will Onyii be able to keep her sister away from danger when Ify always seems to be running towards it? Will the camp’s new patient put everyone in danger? I look forward to reading more about this story.

I loved the author’s wonderfully descriptive writing style. I didn’t expect to enjoy this story as much as I did but I found myself immediately transported and immersed in a completely different world. I truly enjoyed the experience!

The cover is wonderful. It catches your attention and definitely makes you curious about the story.