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Thank you Bookish First for an ARC of Wakeup Wanda Wiley by Andrew Diamond. Wanda Wiley is a best selling author, but some how has last her spark, action, and real mind for her writing. Wanda's two characters Hannah and Travis are the secondary characters in this unique tale.
Wake Up Wanda Willey was a quick, funny, romantic, and very unique read. I loved seeing Wanda thru Hannah's and Trevor's point of view. This novel reminded me of how the writer's mind would appear. The writer's character's who will not be quiet until they have their say, so to speak.
Wanda is a writer stuck within her writing world. She is a new author for the Travis series. Travis is a government agent, bent on saving the POTUS, at all costs. When Travis is with Hannah (Wanda'a other character), Hannah tells him things that has not happened, will Travis believe Hannah or hope that she is completely wrong. Or will succumb to thinking he has having a mental breakdown.
I like the truth with Wanda and her relationship with her narcissistic "husband", Dick Jaworski. Dick seems to crave attention from where ever he can get it, even if means having his wife lose concentration of her series, her self worth , and anything else..
Another thing is you get to see Travis story as it actually happens, along with the changes that happen within Wanda's writing mind. Getting to know Wanda thru Hannah's yes is very insightful. Hannah knows Wanada's weakness, how her moods are, and know so much more than Wanda realizes.
Wake Up Wanda Wiley is truly a unique, fun, adventurous, and empowering story. I loved this story so much and I will be able re-read this story over and over again.