Waiting to Wake Up

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Wanda Wiley is a woman on the brink. She's a writer who spends most of her days getting high and eating her weight in cake. Her boyfriend, Dirk the Jerk, is a lying, cheating, no-good man-baby. And if that wasn't enough, Wanda has been tasked to write the next book in a series of political thrillers, but she doesn't seem to have the patience or the inspiration to do so. Because of that, her characters get a little confused. Trevor Dunwoody gets stuck with Hannah, the romance character that Wanda keeps putting into the wrong stories, keeping Hannah in a perpetual fog of fiction. It is up to Hannah, with the help of Trevor, to make sure that Wanda can wake up and get her life moving again.

As a writer, this story is the kind where you find yourself sitting there reading, nodding along to all of the trials and tribulations that Wanda is going through, knowing that's often the price you pay for this type of career. She's not inspired, she gets characters confused into different plots, sweatpants are her BFF, and in many cases, she would rather be in her fictional worlds that suffering through her reality. However, Wanda isn't hopeless. She is shortsighted for quite a lot of the novel, but not totally hopeless. With the help of a good friend, Wanda finally sees the mess her life has become, and it's up to her to make the change needed to get out of it.