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Sometimes you pick up a book, read the description and you think, "How is the author going to make that work?" This is the first thought that I had when I read the description for Wake Up, Wanda Wiley.

Wanda Wiley is a frustrated author who is not living her best life. Hannah is a character who has been living in Wanda's head for ages, waiting for her story to be written. When she meets Trevor, another character from a book that Wanda is ghostwriting, it's a bit like Woody meeting Buzz Lightyear for the first time. Trevor doesn't realize that he is a character in a story. As Hannah and Trevor's relationship develops, they try to work together to get Wanda out of her slump and their stories on to pages.

It's a really unique plot line and a quick read. I am thankful to say that the author did make this quirky idea work and it was worth the read!

Thank you to Bookish First for my copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.