This is a solid "I liked it" three stars.

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This is a solid "I liked it" three stars. It's not one I'm likely to reread, but it was a quick and interesting read, and I enjoyed the story overall.

What is important to know about this book is that it is more about Wanda and her dysfunctional relationship than the characters navigating the wasteland of Wanda's writer's block. The summary, and opening pages draw you in with the fun of the self-aware characters, but the core of the story is about Wanda's "awakening."

That's not to say the "characters" of Hannah and Trevor are neglected. They are, quite literally, the voices inside her head and their navigation as self-aware characters mirrors and compliments the author's themes with Wanda in the outside world.

This is a book about relationships in different forms, and I appreciated what the author was doing with the story. The characters are a bit one-dimensional, operating more as archetypes than characters with real backstory, etc. For this story, though, it didn't bother me too much.

Thank you to BookishFirst and the publisher for a review copy.