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My First Impression:

I've not read anything quite like the first couple chapters of Wake Up, Wanda Wiley. At first, I didn't know what to think but then, as I settled into the banter between Hannah and Trevor, I found myself smirking at the absurdity of some of their comments and wanting to know how they escape the limbo they find themselves in. I like the idea of Hannah knowing Wanda better than Wanda knows herself and I want to know exactly how Hannah pulls Wanda out of her depression. I am also curious to find out what happens between Hannah and Trevor because their personalities couldn't be more different. As far as the cover, it's just ok for me. Definitely not one I would pick up based on looks but I will admit it seems to fit the quirky nature of the story.

My Review:

"But his words had hit their mark, and there was no undoing the effect of knowing that someone truly cared."

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐/5 With all of my heart, I do not want Wake Up, Wanda Wiley to fly under the radar. And if I were ever the type to say, "Go read this book!," it would be now.

Tagged as a romantic comedy, Wake Up, Wanda Wiley manages to be both funny and have tremendous depth. As someone with first-hand experience in toxic relationships, I marveled at how accurately the dynamics were portrayed.

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