Short, Quirky & Light!

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I won this digital copy of Wake Up Wanda Wiley from BookishFirst in exchange for my honest review of the book.

First off, I absolutely adored the colors of the cover! It immediately caught my eye and made me interested to read.

Overall, I found this book very cute! It was short, quirky and it kept my interest. This book was toted on the cover as being a romantic comedy, which I’m not sure I agree with - I felt it was more of an almost “coming-of-age” story for someone who’s trying to find her way in her own adult life.

Although I found the majority of the story to be light, there are darker elements of alcohol and drug use/abuse and emotionally/mentally abusive relationships that carry throughout the book.

I do have to note that the beginning had me so confused until I realized that Hannah was a character in Wanda’s subconscious and we were living her point of view. Once I realized the writing style, I enjoyed the jump from Wanda (real life) to Hannah (subconscious).

I came to hate the character of Dirk, as I’ve known a number of “Dirks” in my life - so the ending twist for me was incredibly satisfying and left me liking this book even more!