I loved this book!

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I found "Wake Up, Wanda Wiley" by Andrew Diamond engaging from the first moment I started reading it. There are 2 main characters, Wanda, a romance author and Hannah, one of her characters who has never been used in a book. Wanda is unhappy with the way her life has been going, but doesn't seem to want to acknowledge it or change it. Her romance books are not as enticing as they use to be and her own personal romance is greatly lacking also. And Hannah wants to find a way to help her, with the help of a character from another book that Wanda is ghostwriting. Trevor adds a touch of humor to the book, with his complete ignorance of being a book character. But he comes through to help Hannah in her quest to help Wanda.

This book was quick to read, less than 2 days, due to not wanting to put it down. It was easy to read and flowed really well.