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Andrew Diamond moves away from thrillers with the somewhat magical story of Wanda Riley.
Wanda Riley is best known for her feminine romance/erotica that has spanned about a dozen books. She lives with her narcissistic professor boyfriend. When Wanda is tasked to ghostwrite a male drive thriller, she becomes blocked. But just because she’s blocked doesn't mean the characters are! The lead in the thriller finds him trapped with women in an old fashioned dress. She explains they are trapped in Wanda’s mind and it's up to them to get Wanda writing again.
When I won this at Bookish First, I was excited. The First Look featured Wanda's character, and I really wanted to see how this character would act and how change Wanda. But, sadly, there are little of these characters. I thought she'd have to write the story hidden within and bring back the forgotten female character and the character would help shape Wanda's writing. This isn't the case. These characters have minimal time and just try to change her personal life. I felt this use, or lack thereof, really missed what would have been great about this novel.
The short book mainly focus on Wanda’s life, her horrible boyfriend, and the might have been with another guy. Diamond apparently hates pots as Wanda is always stoned and fat and boring because of it. In fact, everyone is a stock character and no one has any true depth. The book apparently tries to be meta as Wanda ends up creating a “nomance” novel which features no romance. But the book itself isn’t a nomance as Wanda is always motivated by a man one way or another.
I didn’t like this book and can’t suggest it. Diamond should probably stick to thrillers