An Equally Fun and Heavy Rom-Com!

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Thank you so much to Bookish First and Stolen Time Press (Which I think is Andrew Diamond in a baseball cap 😂)for the giveaway electronic copy of Wake Up, Wanda Wiley in exchange for an honest review!

I was incredibly surprised when this book went from discussing whether or not people in Sweden have penises, to Wanda and her long time boyfriend's cycle of emotional abuse.

The book deals with themes like using drugs and alcohol to make your existence tolerable, damaging relationships, friend ships, self respect, writer's block.... To funny things like penis shields and Dirk's absolutely ridiculous attitude. He was so self absorbed he didn't notice people kissing in front of him 😂

The book characters are essentially Wanda's subconscious doing battle with itself and I think it's a great style. Hannah and Trevor (the characters) are trying to see through Wanda's pot fog and influence her to make good decisions. I liked their relationship; the changes and progression mixed in well with the real-world chapters where Wanda was starting to see the light as well.

Now for my infamous medical rant: I just want to touch on the paragraph where Wanda thinks the joint (marijuana) lowered her blood sugar: - AS FAR AS I KNOW and can find in my references (UpToDate), pot won't lower your blood sugar at the time of smoking it. I can find articles linking it to lowering insulin resistance over time, but unless Wanda hadn't eaten, which was possible, it's not quite right to say that her sugar dropped due to having smoked. I think the most important takeaway is that diabetics who smoke need to be aware of their snacking impulses, lack of snacking, and food intake in general when smoking. (Disclaimer: this is a OneReadingNurse literary medical rant and should not be taken as medical advice. I can provide references if interested)

In summary though this was a really fun book that also dealt with some important themes. The ending was EXTREMELY satisfying 😂 I think it is a great rom com and I would recommend it to almost anyone interested in that genre!