An entertaining afternoon read!

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Sometimes you need a quick and easy read to enjoy on a day of rest and relaxation. Wake Up, Wanda Wiley is an ideal book for when you want some brain candy with an intriguing story! Author Wanda Wiley is stuck in her work because she is stuck in her bad relationship and this novella's premise to discover whether she can break free was so interesting. It jumps between Wanda's real life, and two characters from her works in her subconscious, Trevor and Hannah, who realize they can influence Wanda's actions on the real world. I found the parts with Trevor and Hannah entertaining, but I was mostly drawn to if and how Wanda would finally make the needed changes in her life.

I feel this is slightly miscategorized as a romantic comedy since it is ultimately a journey of Wanda's self-awakening, but I think this book is a unique twist on genre fiction. I felt a full range of emotions reading this: it was funny in parts and frustrating in others when you wanted to yell at Wanda to, well, wake up!