Innocence Lost and Secrets that Bind you Forever

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Waiting for the Night Song by Julie Carrick Dalton was a moving story about the innocence of childhood lost and the secrets that refuse to stay hidden. I have heard this story compared to Where the Crawdads Sing because of the main character, Cadie’s, isolated lifestyle and her passion for nature. She spends her life as a forestry researcher trying to help identify potential threats that could make forests more vulnerable to wildfires. Admittedly, the descriptions of the beauty of the forest and lake were somewhat lost on me since I am not much of an outdoors person. I am going to share this book with my friend who is a National Park Ranger and amatuer entomologist. I am sure she would find the descriptions of nature and wildlife to be like poetry. Cadie is forced to come home when she gets a call from her estranged childhood friend, Daniela. A body has been discovered in their hometown and they need to talk to get their stories straight about what they heard/did that summer. This book is similar to Crawdads because it also revolves around a murder. Who had the most to gain by his murder? Who else can be implicated in the crime? But this book is different because it incorporates controversial perspectives on immigration and global warming. Cadie also has choices, unlike the main character from Crawdads. Will she come forward with what she knows or will she protect the people she loves? Will anyone believe her about the very real threats she uncovered from her research? A slow burn at times, that keeps you engaged once things start to unravel. Thank you to #netgalley for the ARC.