Great suspense novel.

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I won this ARC book through the Bookish first giveaway. I truly enjoyed this read. It is a great mystery/suspense novel with a theme of conservation and renewal. It follows Cadie Kessler through alternating chapters of the summer of a horrible event and the present day where the events and the truths of that summer come to the surface. She must face the secrets that she stuffed way down 27 years ago and face the reality and the truth of what really happened that summer with her best friend Daniela and her family.
As an activist and conservationist myself I really like the theme and subplot of how climate change and human activities are impacting the environment. How certain species are invading an ecosystem and which species are leaving. It's about renewal, rebirth and standing up to make a difference: for nature and for Cadie and her friends. "It only takes one match". Highly recommend.