Delia Owens Vibes

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This book gave me Delia Owens vibes... yes, cue Where the Crawdads Sing! That said, the story did not hold me as much as Crawdads did which left me slightly disappointed throughout. I was mostly disappointed that I was able to quickly figure out the ending even before the halfway point. While not immediately obvious, when you start playing the guessing game, it's not too difficult to figure out.

Despite this, I found myself falling in love with each character both as their past selves and as their current selves. There's something to be said for cheering on a character at all stages, and Dalton gives you that means page after page after page.

You want to be friends with Cadie and Daniela - and then you want to be fighting for what's right with Sal (and friends with her too!) Each of their passions comes through in Dalton's writing - almost as if they are her passions too.