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Realistic, Relevant... and a Good Story, Too !

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By page three, I was interested in female protagonist and entomologist Cadie Kessler and her determination to preserve nature and save forests. As someone who has seen bark beetle devastation turn heavily wooded mountains and hills into hot open areas without any shade between the remains of dried out tree trunks, I understand the character's focus on completing her research in order to try to help prevent some of the forest fires. This is definitely contemporary literature: Cadie daydreams about doing TED talks. However, by the end of the first chapter, it is clear that this book is also about dealing with one's past when a text from Daniela Garcia forces Cadie to make some choices. In some ways I was disappointed when chapter two was a flashback to Cadie's school days in a remote are of New Hampshire. Although Daniela appears in this flashback, the chapter is too short to have any clue as to why a text between these two girls is controversial or to figure out if Daniela is going to be a romantic interest or simply a friend.