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Worth the wait!

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Virgil Wander is Leif Enger's first novel in about ten years and it was completely worth the wait!

Virgil Wander has a timeless feel to it. This is a book that is sturdy in the best way because there will always be something for readers to relate to. That sounds so simple but it is actually really hard to find and is one of the reasons why Virgil Wander is such a joy to read.

The second reason is the writing itself. It is besutiful but not showy, something else that is hard to find, and so the story flows beautifully. Add in Enger's compassion for his characters and you have a solid, beautiful read that really makes you think even as it is blissfully wonderful to sink into the story. I wouldn't have mind waiting a little less for Virgil Wander, but it was prettu much worth it!