Book Never Received

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Book was due to ship on August 3rd. Never received. Notified Bookishfirst, Alicia was kind enough to respond to my second email. She has contacted the publisher on my behalf. This was a couple of weeks ago. As of today, the book has not been received.
As a parent and school teacher, I found the synopsis provided by Bookishfirst to be well thought out. I'm looking forward to reading this book, providing my honest review, and using the methods suggested by Ms. Destini Ann Davis in both my personal life and classroom.
I was intrigued that she has the reader focus on what their needs are as a parent. I loved the "ask yourself" questions, list of "values" , and "setting your intentions" (after determining your 15 core values). All valuable information given in the excerpt alone! I also like the direction this book is taking, based on the "Contents" listed.
Will be more than happy to read "Very Intentional Parenting" and post my review, once the book is received.