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Kind of slow

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By no means is this a bad book. To be fair, I think this book goes a lot deeper than many books in the scifi genre. It is a story about interplantary relations and the impact it has on the people transitioning from one planet to another. I saw this as somewhat of a scifi metaphor for people who never feel like they have a home and never quite fit in and also a metaphor for how real world immigrants feel after leaving behind their home to settle in a new country. It's certainly eye opening and creative in that regard.

However, I can't deny that this book, in my opinion was overly long. Honestly, I was expecting it to be a bit more fast paced and character focused, but I felt like I got more descriptions and filler than anything else. I do understand that this book was translated from its original language, but I just couldn't stay focused on it. Not sure if others experienced this as well.

Overall, I think it was a book with a unique premise and world building, but not very gripping, which is a shame since I was looking forward to it.