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A slow sci-fi

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I realize that this book is definitely not for everyone, but I truly enjoyed it. However, it's quite an undertaking. It's very long and slow-paced, whereas I normally expect sci-fi to be fast and full of action. Therefore, this isn't the book for someone looking for a fun space opera.

The standout for me in this book is definitely the worldbuilding. Even though I spent over 600 pages getting to know the characters, I was surprised that none of them really stood out to me or seemed memorable. Instead, I was much more drawn to the descriptions of Mars and Earth and the dichotomy between the two planets' societies. As the novel unfolded, I also became very interested in the fact that readers and the characters both experienced forced changes of perception alongside each other as things became clear. It was like going on a very slow but interesting journey.

In fact, I wouldn't have minded learning even more about Mars and Earth as they appear in this book because I was fascinated by that aspect of the book and I'm a nerd. I love complex worldbuilding, what can I say?