Two are not the same.

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Long ago and far away fairies and humans shared a world. The fairies caused all sorts of trouble for the humans, casting spells, using magic and creating changelings. This did not mean humans had no magic. Some families had quite a lot of magic. Some families had some magic, but most humans didn't have any.
Isolde and Iselia Graygrove are twins of a sort. Fairies made Iselia and tried to swap her for Isolde, but their mother pot a stop to that. She kept both girls and raised them together, even in the face of community discouragement. People were afraid of Iselia and her magic. As a changeling, Iselia (Seelie) had wild magic. She tried, as much as she was able, to hide her magic. When the girls were 14, they ran away from home so their parents would be safe.
Isolde was a pickpocket. Seelie was her protector. On a carnival night, Isolde planned an audacious burglary of a rich house. The crime went sideways and the girls had to run. They were chased by another pair who had planned a robbery at the same house and by the householder. The chase took them through ancient history and current fairy lands. The ending was a perfect place for volume 2 to begin.
I liked the girls. They might be twins, but they are not the same. Seelie wants to find a place where she is safe. Isolde want adventure. Seelie wants to forget she has powers. Isolde want to hunt treasure.
I like fantasy that follows its internal rules. The world created for this story made lots of sense. I especially liked the moving house. I'd like to have one, only it couldn't run on magic.