Magic YA with Autistic MC

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Unseelie starts with 2 sisters. One of them is a changeling, which in Fae lore, is a child meant to be switched with a human child and basically released into the human world to cause trouble.

I really like how the author relates a changeling to the autistic spectrum. She includes a preface and an ending note about how in history, those who were viewed as "changelings" might have indeed been on the autistic spectrum and it shows how autism has always been present in our history, just mislabeled.

I liked all the characters. It was nice to read about characters that were flawed all around. There were miscommunications and selfishness and assumptions between characters. I also especially appreciated how Raze was described. He was shown to be a strong young man, but who might carry some roundness in his face and body. Even though it doesn't say he's plus size, it can be easily imagined, which is nice to have a variety. Not the typical YA male with muscles abound.

My only critique is that the ending felt unfinished. This is a duology so please expect a cliffhanger (which I did not). I was coming down to the last few pages going, there's not enough to wrap everything up! But with that being said this ending was so rushed and we don't get a great explanation for the twist at the end. I only hope it can be better explained in the next book. Which I will be reading!