Light Fae Fantasy

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If you enjoy light fantasy reads filled with humor and shenanigans then this book is for you!


✨ magical artifacts
🫶🏻 autism representation
🧝🏼‍♀️ fae (on the sidelines)
🦉 shapeshifters
🤭 humorous narrative
🐉 mini dragons
💕 sisterly bond
🐈‍⬛ a brownie in the shape of a black cat
🧌 a cross-continent adventure

All the listed fantastical elements made the story feel very atmospheric. It felt more character and vibe-driven than plot-driven. I’m totally fine with that. I like to get lost in a story.

I found Iselia “Seelie” to be a very interesting and relatable character. The other characters weren’t my favorite probably because they lacked depth. Hopefully, their personalities will be explored more in the next book. I kind of liked that there wasn’t a heavy romance focus. It would have felt out of place in a story about identity and sisterhood.