And thus, we enter a new world...

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Starting out, we enter a world different than our own. I like that it has an interesting day where realms are close to each other. It kind of reminds me of the day of the dead, instead of ghosts visiting its fae. We can already see how social systems are and obviously there is going to have to be more about that throughout the book.

They first few chapters really start us on the hero's journey. We got to see the normal for the main characters, got introduced to some new people, and then the whole adventure was beginning.

There was a lot in these few pages, and I am curious as to what more can be expected throughout. I see a lot of potential moving forward, as long as the momentum keeps going. I don't know what to expect either.

Judging from the cover, there is going to be a lot having to do with powers. And both of the sisters are featured, which I like. However, I don't know if the darker tones fit the story just yet. I image they will, but I just can't tell on the first few chapters.