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I am not a big true crime fan. I’ve read a few but it’s never been my thing. I still wanted to try this because of the reviews. It was an incredible read! Not a dull or boring moment, which in my opinion is rare for a non-fiction. It was very fast paced and I flew through it. Of course it was a difficult read, as it is graphic and reviews details of cases. I loved how not only did we get into the cases, but Paul Holes allowed us to see a lot about himself as well. I would recommend this book to anyone, especially true crime fans but not just. It's a great read.

“Few people know the pressures of the woeful world of homicide. It’s a dreadful place, and not one to be entered lightly. No one leaves unscathed, even the hardened professionals.”

“That’s the thing about these tragedies. There are so many victims. So many shattered lives. So many families torn apart.”