Gripping Investigative story

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a book that won't let you down, from the start it grabs your attention with his open, honest account of his life as an investigator into heinous crimes, I was struck by his forthrightness about his own faults and his obsession to solve these , at times you were at the edge of your seat waiting for the next chapter to begin , really loved to see where the steps led him to catch the golden state serial rapist and killer . Did not disappoint me, I am usually reading more classical fiction, but I had heard about this book on a new show this week and started reading an excerpt sample right away and then ordered the book. it is well worth it and keeps you entranced throughout i do applaud the author for his work and clear writing of this crime. You never know who may be your next-door neighbor, it is scarry to think about It is already become a bestseller in no time