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After reading this book you might become more understanding of crime detectives or you'll reconsider becoming a crime detective because that means you'll have to sacrifice your family and friends emotional needs becuase you'll be way too consumed with solving crimes and then you won't have any emotional compacity nor time left for those you really love. Solving crimes is like a book lover saying that they'll never read a book again because they already found their favorite book ever. Though the book lover never stops reading because there are new books every year just as there are new crimes every year. The only difference being that book lovers actually don't harm their family nor friends and the only other similarity with new crimes and new books being that, book lovers love reading new books and crime detectives finally closing a case after finding the killers. The cover matches the point of the story in which I would say flows nicely with the point of the story, is eye-catching and oozes a mysterious aura.