Brutally honest memoir

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Once upon a time, we decided to go somewhere fun for spring break. So we found a hotel with amazing reviews a couple hours from us, and went. And everything was fine, until we checked into our room. This place was straight up haunted (read on if you want to know what happened!), and the most disgusting room I have ever been in😜 apparently they were hit hard with c*vid, and all of the reviews were from two years ago when it was nice. So naturally, this is when I decided to read a true crime book. Let’s just say I was up all night with nightmares 😂😂 so what better place to take photos!?

This book is perfect for fans of I’ll Be Gone In The Dark!! Paul Holes knows his stuff. This memoir is honest, raw and detailed. Parts of it were a bit much for me, but that is also the nature of the crimes he solved. There are MULTIPLE CW/TW so definitely look those up before you pick it up, or DM me! I don’t feel comfortable giving this a star rating since it’s a memoir, but know I recommend it if you are a true crime fan!!

This book is out April 26! Thanks @celadonbooks and @paul.holes for my gifted copy! This book is going to be huge, and I’ll be so surprised if it isn’t a May BOTM pick!

👻 so we had a case of water bottles on the desk, and all night long we heard “someone” pick one up, squeeze it, then drop it. Obviously none of us got out of bed or saw anyone, so we just listened to it all night. When we woke up in the morning, they were all still unopened in the case. SPOOKY. And no one else was staying on our floor (also another sign of it being a ghetto hotel haha)

Definitely recommend reading this book with the light on if you aren’t home. It even if you are home. 😂