A touch of arrogance, but I still couldn’t put it down

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I’ve always loved true crime, I think, ever since my time watching Unsolved Mysteries as a 90s kid. While I’ve only recently dipped into true crime podcasts, seeing the Paul Holes book available via BookishFirst (where I won an advanced copy- thank you!) re-started my interest. I wanted to know about procedure and how the life of a detective was impacted.
I vacillate between a 3 and a 4 rating. Holes has a tendency to be very up-front about his talents, which I guess he is allowed to be, given the work he did….but something still felt like it was missing? I feel like the writing was a bit unfocused, but it’s hard to tell if this was part of the editing or the way in which Holes was trying to present his story. I will say, I appreciated the (again, too brief) history of DNA and how far we’ve come.

What can I say? I wish maybe this had been a more focused book- either a memoir, or a story about catching killers, but not both. Each side seemed to water down the other. It was a compulsive read as a fan of crime investigation, but I was still left wanting more.