Cold Cases getting hotter

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Paul's career as a leading cold case investigator in the San Francisco area took its toll on his life; his mind was so focused on the job that he could never shut down his thoughts, costing him two marriages and a close relationships with any of his children. As he is now retiring and thinking back over his life and the cases he's encountered over the years, yet he still wants to 'wrap-up' just one more - the "Golden State Killer," a serial killer that was active for over twenty years; he broke into homes, tortured, raped, and murdered his victims, and was never captured. The fact that this person was living a free life really bothered Paul.

At the beginning of this book he discusses his ability to handle the violence to which he is exposed. He explains his ability to compartmentalize, but even so, I think this type of work would always leave its emotional scars. I also believe not everyone could do this type of work, but we do need these types of individuals to solve our hardest crimes. They should be revered.