A Life of A Cold Case Detective

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This book is a deep dive into what detectives do in big cold cases. I instantly felt for the detective his struggle to separate his job from his family life. The work that goes into solving cases especially ones that go cold requires a lot of time to solve. The dedication to their job to bring closure to families that need it to move on from the tragedies they suffered. His family struggled to deal with the cases that he could not even shut them down long enough to be present with his family time. It is something that is hard for a person who is analytical that most of your time you are in your head going over every detail to make sure you have not missed something or information stands out to be evaluated further. There are very view careers out there that require an individual in those careers to try to piece together a situation in this case a cruel crime and the required time and effort that it takes to resolve and bring some type of closure to families and victims. I completely connected with what the detective does as a social workers we are their to try to help families and victims to move forward after trauma.