Shockingly Good!!

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Wow I can not believe I ended up enjoying this so much more than I was expecting to. This is something I wouldn't typically pick up but i got approved for it on netgalley and decided to give it a go. I actually ended up enjoying this book so much!!

This cover is so eye catching too!! I definitely was caught by it and wanted to give it a go since I honestly didn't have anything to read and plus I would like to get caught up with NetGalley arcs.

I have heard amazing things about this author but I thought her writing style wouldn't be for me. It was a bit too much for me personally, but I for sure will be reading more from this author. I loved how atmospheric this story was and I had such a great time with it.,,,, definitely an enjoyable one for a spooky read. If this is not on your radar then I highly recommend you at least give it a go. It was shockingly and surprisingly good!!