Great Female Detective

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Wow I loved this book! Set before cell phones, Jane is such an inspiring female detective! I love how she persists even in a group of men. How her past shaped her & helps her move through this case. I also love the whole church cover up with things overt the years that have come to light about churches doing this. The murder that happened years ago was very sad. The sister whom died was just trying to do the right thing, just like the woman in the current case that happens while looking into the older one. I would never have guessed who the murder was & it’s very tragic. The supporting members of this book are also worth their own stories that I would love to read. Made need a story one Gerry & his wife! I love Jane’s neighbor Gerry, it’s the kind of neighbor everyone should have. I do hope there is another story to follow this one to see what’s next for Jane’s path.